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School Improvement Council

2021-2022 Wood SIC Members

  1. Angela Brown, Principal
  2. Takeela Bates, Assistant Principal
  3. Nick Godfrey, Assistant Principal
  4. Andrew Price, Assistant Principal
  5. Mary Brooks, DEC Representative Liaison
  6. Jason Barrs, Chair
  7. Cathy Zitkovich, Vice Chair
  8. Lisa Dasher, Secretary
  9. Anna Estes, Wood’s Teacher of the Year
  10. Victoria Jackson, Community Representative
  11. Beth Williamson, Community Representative
  12. Brandon Crowley, Parent Representative
  13. Jarrett Epperson, Parent Representative
  14. Noel Pound, Parent Representative
Agendas and Meeting Minutes
Our SIC meets the second Wednesday of every month at 8 AM virtually.  If you are interested in joining our SIC, please click the link below to let us know. The following are meeting dates:
October 20th
January 19th 
February 17th 
March 16th 
April 18th - open meeting 
May 18th