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Art with Mrs. Erwin

Welcome to Art at Wood Elementary School!
    Students in grades 2-5 attend art for 1 hour on an A, B, C, D, E, F rotating schedule.  We learn lots of fun and interesting things in art!  The students learn how to use a variety of art materials and concepts to express themselves creatively.  They learn about different artists and art from different cultures.  In addition, the children also learn how to look at, talk about, and write about their own artwork and the artwork of others.
    Art is in our world, all around us, and everywhere we look!  So many jobs require art skills and creativity and the arts have a huge positive impact on our economy.  Art education is a pivotal part in educating the whole child because art teaches us so much and allows us to express ourselves.  Art can be integrated with other subjects like math, science, social studies, and reading and participation in the arts has been proven to improve academic achievement.
    As you can tell, I love art so much that I love teaching my students all about it!
Mrs. Erwin
Art Teacher